Math 200A: Linear Algebra
Middlebury College, Fall 2021
Frank Swenton

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Here is where you'll find problem sets, solutions (in web-viewable and printable forms), and various other sorts of course materials. Printable files are in Adobe PDF format (get Acrobat Reader); when printing, be sure to uncheck "Fit to Page" for best results.

Basic course materials: Syllabus, Topic Map, Attack Plan, and Calendar for the term.

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Review Sheets, in PDF form:
Linear algebra preliminaries
Logic and proof
Span, linear independence, and basis
Basis, coordinates, and the FTVS (plus column-vector methods)
Linear transformations, part 1: kernel, image, and from collections/matrices
Linear transformations, part 2: the Fundamental Theorem of Linear Transformations and change-of-basis
Endomorphisms, similarity, and diagonalization
Matrix algebra, the determinant, and the characteristic polynomial

Problem sets are available here, in PDF form (please print only the page or pages that you need!).

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Video walkthroughs
Our three main logical constructions (for all, there exists, and implies)
A typical span proof [PS 2, problem 7(a)(ii)]
A typical linear independence proof [PS 3, problem 7(a)(ii)]
The Exchange Lemma [PS 4, problem 2]

Exam 1 statistics are posted here, along with a blank exam (to practice thinking through any problems that gave you issues).

Exam 2 statistics are posted here, as well as statistics on total points for Exams 1+2.

Final Exam will take place on December 15 from 9:00am to noon (in our usual classroom).